World-class Education

World-class Education

Quality education

At the UGR our commitment to excellence in education continues to yield outstanding results. The following facts stand as a testament to this commitment:

In the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the UGR has consistently improved its position over the last ten years, rising a total of 200 positions in the ranking. It now occupies its highest position ever since the ARWU was launched and is ranked among the top 300 universities in the world. Furthermore, the UGR is ranked second in Spain in the ARWU, the most prestigious and influential international ranking of its kind (ARWU 2016).

Figure 1: UGR's evolution in the ARWU ranking


From the perspective of specialist areas in the ARWU rankings, the UGR is outstanding in Mathematics (ranked among the top 101-150 in the world) and Computer Science (ranked 42nd in the world). With regard to broader subject fields, the UGR is ranked among the top 101-150 universities worldwide in the discipline of Engineering.

Student satisfaction

In terms of student satisfaction, the UGR has been voted the number 1 study destination in Spain by international students, obtaining the prestigious International Student Satisfaction Gold Award from StudyPortals in 2013.

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