Development Cooperation

Development Cooperation


The UGR and Development Cooperation

Improving and promoting interuniversity relations is one of the main strategic objectives of the UGR, as is encouraging the voluntary participation of the UGR community in development and cooperation initiatives.

We strive for the betterment of society via cooperation with, and the provision of services to, both public and private institutes. We also work closely with grassroots organisations and associations that promote social action initiatives and provide development aid.

At the UGR we work both locally and internationally to improve the lives of people living in diverse communities. We view international cooperation and development assistance as an obligation. With this mission in mind, the Centre for Development Cooperation Initiatives (in Spanish: Centro de Iniciativas de Cooperación al Desarrollo or CICODE) was set up by the University in order to aid those countries and sectors in society most in need of assistance.

Our international cooperation strategy is mainly focused on the regions of North Africa and South America.

Our objectives

At the UGR we pursue a number of key objectives. Namely, we aim to:

  • Reduce extreme poverty and social inequality, and combat gender and age discrimination.
  • Raise political awareness and a sense of solidarity among members of the university community and promote their direct involvement in local social development programmes.
  • Encourage, facilitate and coordinate the participation of members of the UGR community in voluntary activities.
  • Prepare and manage international development projects, mainly in the geographical areas of Latin America, the Maghreb, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Promote the attainment of doctorates, masters and other university qualifications in developing countries.
  • Provide training in international development policy and management, by means of conferences, courses and masters programmes.
  • Promote research in the field of international aid and development and the publication of texts and articles related to this field.
  • Create a documentation resources archive with a view to aiding research and projects carried out in the field of development studies.
  • Provide training in project and programme formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Peripheries Book Series

The book series ‘Periferias’ (Peripheries) was set up jointly by the CICODE and the University of Granada Publishing House with a view to encouraging debate and reflection on crucial topics such as: the causes of poverty and social inequality, conflict and conflict resolution, political and social awareness and solidarity, human rights, vulnerable groups in society, North-South inequalities and sustainable human development.

This series aims to stimulate debate, social commitment and cultural dissemination.

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