International Staff Training Week: 16-20 May 2016

International Staff Training Week: 16-20 May 2016

STW May 2016

The University of Granada, through its Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization, is pleased to announce that its 7th International Staff Training Week, an Erasmus+ initiative, will take place from 16-20 May 2016. The five-day programme includes plenary sessions, round tables, workshops, and social events.

Bringing together staff from our European partner universities, the main objective of the Staff Training Week is to exchange know-how and skills. Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into the working procedures at the UGR and exchange experiences and good practices with staff from diverse institutions. They will thereby acquire highly relevant practical skills, with a view to furthering their professional development in the higher education sector.

International staff training programmes are pivotal in shaping the path towards more effective higher education systems in Europe and beyond. In our view, such initiatives are a great way for all of us to get involved in building and strengthening international mobility and cooperation networks in higher education.

STW 2016 Programme Tracks:

Library Tour Building upon the success of the past 6 years, this year we will host approximately 100 participants. The programme will encompass 4 main tracks from which to choose:

General University Administration: 60 participants

University Libraries: 20 participants

Information Technology: 10 participants

Careers Service: 10 participants

The main areas covered by the General University Administration track are:

  • Academic Affairs
  • International Relations
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Financial Management
  • University Services

Additional activities

Albayzin tourParticipants will have the opportunity to go on guided tours of the UGR’s most emblematic buildings and monuments, such as the Hospital Real (the ‘Royal Hospital’ — the XVI century building which now houses the University headquarters), and the Albayzín, the city's historical quarter and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additional activities include a concert performed by the UGR Orchestra and a short hiking trip (optional) to the surrounding countryside.

We hope that, during your stay with us, we will be able to pass on our strengths as a long-standing, traditional and world-class educational institution, which has greatly benefitted from its leadership and prestige in the field of international cooperation. We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you, to pooling good practices and resources, and to reinforcing our cooperation as higher education partners.

How to participate in the VII International Staff Training Week 2016:

If you work in the higher education sector and would like to participate in the International Staff Training Week 2016, our application period is open until the 3rd March 2016.

The International Staff Training Week 2016 is open to all administrative staff from our partner universities (not just those working in the field of international relations)

Language: English

*Please note: If we have enough candidates with a good working knowledge of Spanish we will conduct some of the workshops in Spanish (optional).

Explore the UGR's partner universities:

The International Staff Training Week is just one of the many activities reflecting the UGR’s ever-expanding international outlook, alongside events such as the Orientation Weeks for international students - designed to enable the 3,000+ incoming mobility students that attend the UGR every year to find their bearings before each academic term begins.

The International Staff Training Week also enables the UGR to strengthen and expand upon its 800+ international mobility agreements with its partner Universities. Click on the following interactive map to explore the UGR’s extensive international relations with institutions from across the globe.