European Researchers' Night in Granada: 25 Sept 2015

European Researchers' Night in Granada: 25 Sept 2015

European Researchers Night 2015

European Researchers´ Night, which takes place annually, is dedicated to celebrating popular science, fun learning, and to bringing researchers and society closer together. The event is a great opportunity to meet researchers in a friendly environment, to interact with them, and discover the ways in which they contribute to society. This year the European Researchers` Night will be celebrated in over 250 cities in 32 European countries on Friday 25 September. In 2013 alone, over 1.2 million people across Europe attended the European Researchers´ Night in a multitude of European cities.

The activities are billed as family-friendly and interactive, are open to everyone, and are aimed at those of all ages. The programme encompasses hands-on experiments, practical workshops, science exhibitions, live performances, and exciting educational workshops for children, to mention just a few activities.

In Andalusia, the Night will be celebrated under the slogan “Women and men who develop science for you” and over 1000 researchers will take part throughout the region. They will take to the streets and squares of 8 Andalusian cities, offering 293 activities in total, all of which are designed to bring science closer to society. The activities cover practically all knowledge areas.

European Researchers' Night in Granada

In Granada, the European Researchers´ Night will be organized primarily by La Fundación Descubre, the University of Granada and the CSIC - The Spanish National Research Council (The Andalusian Astrophysics Institute and La Estación Experimental del Zaidín). Over 200 scientists will take part in 50 activities in Granada, while over 140 scientists from Ceuta and Melilla will hold events in Melilla. The events in Granada will be held at the city’s Paseo del Salón for the second year running.

Events programme - Granada:

In Granada the programme includes workshops covering a broad array of disciplines, from mathematics, evolution, and DNA, to crystallography and rocket-making. There will also be 16 short talks given by researchers involved in EU-funded projects. The European Corner, organized by the CEI BioTic, will act as a meeting point for those who wish to find out more about the EU programmes designed to support researchers and promote research throughout Europe. Likewise, the Corner will examine how local institutions such as the UGR make the most of these programmes to further support their own researchers and make our University an even more attractive research destination for international researchers.

The Night will come to a close with a performance by Antonio Arias (musician from the alternative rock band Lagartija Nick) and El Niño de las Pinturas (the famous graffiti artist from Granada). Zen del Sur, winners of the Talent-Madrid award in 2013, will also perform an enthralling music and dance show. Moreover, there will also be a Kids Corner so that children of all ages can get involved in fun and engaging activities.

The thematic areas of the activities organized by the University of Granada are as follows, accompanied by examples of some of the individual activities which will be held (please click the link below to view the full programme and corresponding timetables):

  • Physics: Recreational physics; What does optometry do for me?; What are elementary particles?; Sound in our lives - from noise pollution to sound spaces.
  • Engineering: From medical engineering to medicine; the Human Brain Project (HBP); Are we biodegradable?; Software development at the service of society: disabilities, health, education, access to knowledge, and ethics…
  • Mathematics: Experiments with soap bubbles; algebra for children; a mathematical walk around Granada.
  • Pharmacy: Science and cooking; Are we linked to micro and nanoencapsulation?; Experiments with “athletic” rats; Fruit - more than just a food source; interesting human and animal parasites, etc.
  • Geology: Right under your feet – your city´s monuments are surrounded by fossils.
  • Fine arts: 3D Technology and heritage preservation.
  • Educational sciences: Policies and stakeholders in school education.
  • Medicine: Your fingerprints betray you.
  • Chemistry: Discovering chemistry.

So if you are intrigued by how things work, are naturally inquisitive, or would like to learn more about how science plays an active role in your life, please join us for European Researchers' Night!

Event information:

Date: 25th September

Time: 17:00-22:30

Location: Paseo del Salón

Further information and activity timetables:

Noche de los investigadores

European Researchers´ Night is supported by the European Commission under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions within the Horizon 2020 programme, a European Commission initiative designed to boost research careers in Europe.

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