The Andalusian Interuniversity Insitute of Criminology

The Andalusian Interuniversity Insitute of Criminology


The Andalusian Interuniversity Insitute of Criminology (Instituto Andaluz Interuniversitario de Criminología)

The Andalusian Interuniversity Institute of Criminology is a university body which conducts scientific, technical and specialised research in the field of criminology. The following five universities are actively involved in the Institute: the University of Cadiz, the University of Córdoba, the University of Málaga, The University of Granada and the University of Seville.

The Institute was set up towards the end of the 1980s by a group of penologists who were deeply concerned by the weaknesses of the Spanish criminology system. These penologists were determined to address these weaknesses, and consequently, founded the present-day Andalusian Interuniversity Criminology Institute.

At the Institute, we currently conduct research in the following areas:

  • Gender violence and domestic violence
  • Socio-economic delinquency
  • Judicial protection
  • Penal enforcement
  • Crimes against public security
  • Media related crimes
  • Data analysis in criminology
  • Psychopathic disorders
  • Juvenile crime
  • Sports-related crime
  • Criminology and biomedicine
  • Mediation and intervention
  • Protective custody and protection of victims

We also offer an interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Criminology and a Masters Programme in Juvenile Criminality and Social Intervention.

At the Institute, we actively strive to engage with society, regularly organising conferences and courses. Additionally, by regularly publishing new findings in academic journals and textbooks, we work continuously to ensure the dissemination of research breakthroughs and knowledge generated at our centre.

To find out more about the Andalusian Interuniversity Criminology Institute, and our current research groups, projects, and upcoming events, please visit The Andalusian Interuniversity Criminology Institute homepage