The UGR Cinema Club

The UGR Cinema Club

Cine Club

The main aim of the UGR Cinema Club (CineClub Universitario) is to explore the past and present of the “Seventh Art” and enable cinema-lovers to develop their critical capacities in cinematography. The Club delves deep into the characteristics, potential, and richness of cinematic language, running a unique series of film screenings for every month of the academic year. The Club also runs optional theoretical courses and workshops in specific areas every trimester (if you do not wish to participate in the workshops and courses, you can simply come along and enjoy the screenings). The activities organized by the UGR Cinema Club are open to both members of the University community and the public.

How, when, and where to obtain the UGR Cinema Club Card:

The Cinema Club card is free and available to both members of the public and the UGR community. All you need to do is submit a passport size photo at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (address below) or alternatively at the Aula Magna on the same night as any film screening. With the Cinema Club card you also have the further advantage of being able to attend all of the film screenings on the Cinema Club Day (Día del CineClub) for free. The Cinema Club card must be renewed annually.

You can obtain the card at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Palacio de La Madraza (beside la Capilla Real), C/ Oficios, 14, between 9:00 - 14:00 Monday to Friday, or at the Aula Magna on the night of any screening.