UGR Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor)

UGR Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor)

Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor)

About our Buddy Programme

At the UGR, we feel that diversity provides a great opportunity for creating rich learning environments and promoting social integration. The UGR Buddy Programme (in Spanish: Programa Mentor) is a student-oriented initiative designed to help our international community with their cultural, academic and language integration at the UGR.

Moving to a new study destination can sometimes be a daunting prospect. However, our buddy programme aims to make the transition as stress-free as possible – enhancing the academic and personal experience of incoming international students, enabling them to form close bonds with our home students, and introducing them to everyday UGR life. Moreover, the Buddy Programme provides our home students with a significant opportunity to gain insights into new cultures and lifestyles, practice their language skills and build up their international networks.

How does it work?

The programme kicks off in September every year and normally runs for a semester or full academic year (depending on the availability of our home students). The UGR’s International Office will pair you up with a UGR mentor, prior to your arrival, from the Faculty or School where you will be undertaking your studies. Your mentor or buddy will provide you with on-going support both before and during your time at our University. They will help you with everything from completing administrative procedures, searching for accommodation, and finding your way around the University campuses and Granada. They will also organize cultural activities such as visits to monuments and historical sites; guided tours; excursions; concerts; plays etc. (you can decide on these activities with your mentor).

What are my responsibilities as an incoming international buddy?

If you are an incoming international student and wish to take part in our buddy programme, you must:

• Propose activities to your mentor.

• Attend meetings.

• Evaluate your mentor and help the UGR to assess the overall programme.

• One month after your arrival, you will receive a link to an online survey in which you will be asked to evaluate the activities organized by your mentor.

• Before leaving Granada, you will receive a link to a survey in which you will be asked to provide an overall evaluation of your mentor. We greatly appreciate your feedback, as it provides us with valuable information to help us improve future editions of our Buddy Programme.

• Before returning to your home University, you must sign the activities report (memoria de actividades).

What happens once I have applied?

Once you have applied to take part in the Buddy Programme, the International Office will pair you up with a UGR mentor during the month of July. We will aim to assign you a mentor from the Faculty or School where you will be undertaking your studies. However, please note that due to limited availability, we may not always be able to pair you up with a student from your Centre.

How do I apply?

By completing the application form available via this link and sending it to