Library Services

Library Services

Library services

Courses and workshops

Students and researchers attending the UGR can choose to participate in courses and workshops organised by the UGR library. The range is extensive and in some instances the courses and workshops can count as ECTS Credits. For more information, visit:

The Reading Club (Club de Lectura "Leyend@")

The Reading Club has recently been established in order to cater for those who are passionate about reading and literature and wish to share their thoughts and reflections on diverse works. Participants discuss, debate, and reflect on the ideas, feelings, styles, and characters they encounter during the course of reading diverse texts. It is a space intended for critical reflection and constructive debate, and is open to everyone. More information about the Club:

Borrow electronic devices

At the UGR Library, you can borrow computers, laptops and e-Readers free of charge. For more information, please visit:

UGR Bookcrossing

image The Bookcrossing initiative began in 2001 in the U.S. In essence, it is a global book club that crosses time and space. It has no geographical limits. It is the practice of leaving books in public places so that others can pick them up, read them, and repeat the process. The idea is to allow books to travel freely across the globe, thus extending the traditional definitions of the word ‘library’. Via the UGR´s Bookcrossing webpage, you can track your book´s journey across the world. To find out more about Bookcrossings at the UGR:

UGR Library treasure

The Library´s outstanding heritage spans from the 15th-19th centuries and encompasses ancient manuscripts, 72 incunables, and a host of invaluable and unique printed works.

Outreach activities, competitions & events

To find out more about our literary competitions, exhibitions, and World Book Day celebrations at the UGR, click here:

Propose a new library acquisition

As a member of the UGR community, you can propose new library acquisitions if you are unable to find the resources you are looking for.

Balbus the Library-Bat comic (Balbus el Bibliomurcielago explora la Biblioteca)

This comic explores, in a visually engaging, creative and humorous way, the rich history of the UGR Library and the services it offers.

Bibliographical and research tools

Via our webpage you can discover diverse documentation and research tools designed to help you during the process of essay, dissertation, and thesis writing. These tools help you ensure that your bibliographies are sound, well-organised and comprehensive.

Services for people with disabilities

The SADDIS is the library´s centralized service point specifically adapted to meet the needs of those with disabilities. The service is available to students, researchers, and teachers alike and is aimed primarily at assisting those who have difficulties (sensory, physical etc.) using the library's facilities and services. To view the full range of library services on offer to those with disabilities, follow this link: