Our Courses

Our Courses

Students study over a 3 year period, choosing from a range of 27 different subjects and modules, divided into 650 hours of class time and activities.

The Specific Programme consists of 3 courses (1 per year). In each course, students complete 3 obligatory subjects (1 per trimester) and 6 optional subjects (2 per trimester)

Obligatory Courses

Comprehensive Health Care

The History of Granada

The Environment and Pollution

History of Art and Cultural Studies


The Human Body

History of the Spanish Language

Spanish Literature

Spanish History

Optional Subjects

Food Science and Health: New Challenges

The Atmosphere

Spanish Language Studies: Usages, Evolution and Deviations

Introduction to Psychology

Architecture and Urban Development in Roman Hispania

Human Ecology and the Environment

The Criminal Justice System

Art and Creativity

History of Christian and Moorish Societies in Granada

Climate Studies

Physical Recreation

Women's and Gender studies

Goya and Internal Reason

Tourism Opportunities in the Granada Province

Science in Daily Life



Psychology and Quality of Life

Additional Optional Courses

Information Technology


Choir and Musicality



Art and Creativity

Theatrical Arts: Interpretation, Staging and Scenography Photography and Film