International Workshop: Decolonizing Identities (11-12 November 2016)

International Workshop: Decolonizing Identities (11-12 November 2016)

Decolonizing identities, international workshop

The aim of the Decolonizing Identities international workshop is to unite researchers from a wide variety of disciplines with the common goal of exploring the concepts of belonging and rejection, as well as the interactions between them. The workshop will examine these concepts within the framework of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies.

In the international scene, we are currently witnessing unprecedented levels of migration. This phenomenon provides the workshop with a starting point for initiating debate, drawing upon the fields of ethnography, social anthropology, historiography, economics, literature, philosophy and law. The workshop aims to encourage new interactions and exchanges between these different fields, supporting proposals that break away from geographical limits dating from the colonial era.

A further goal is to propose new knowledge generation processes that are adapted to the postcolonial era and that incorporate pluralistic perspectives. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on theoretical debates regarding the concepts of belonging and rejection, employing a variety of different perspectives and academic and social practices. They will also have the opportunity to promote cultural dialogue, research networking, and interuniversity relations.

Call for papers

The application period to present a paper at this international workshop in one of the following areas is open until 25th September 2016:

  • Indigenous Identities and Social Movements
  • New Decolonial Geographies
  • Migrants: Reception, integration, or rejection?
  • The right-wing shift in Europe
  • Ethnicity and Identity
  • Universalism vs Pluralism

Organized by:

UGR Doctoral Programme in Migration Studies

University Institute of Migrations (UGR)


Autonomous University of Queretaro

Universidad Veracruzana

SUNY Old Westbury (New York)

Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies

Asociación NMesoine