Orientation Week for International Students: 12-16 September 2016

Orientation Week for International Students: 12-16 September 2016

Orientation Week for International Students 2016

     22 July 2017

This year, over 2000 new international students will complete studies at the UGR, thanks to the diverse range of mobility programmes at our institution. The Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization at the University of Granada organizes an Orientation Week for International Students each semester. This semester, the Orientation Week will be held from 12-16 September 2016 and for those beginning in the second semester from 6-10 February 2017.

The aim of the Orientation Week is to give our incoming international students a warm welcome, help them to adapt to living in Granada and enable them to make the most of studying at our University. We provide you with essential information on everything from registering, obtaining the international student card, health cover, residence permits and enrolling on courses, to joining UGR societies, volunteering and taking advantage of the exceptional range of services at the UGR. Among these services are the University Sports Centre; the Casa de Porras, which offers an extensive range of artistic and vocational courses; Spanish language support services provided at the Modern Languages Centre; and a broad range of cultural activities organised throughout the year including concerts, exhibitions, and theatre productions. Thanks to this Orientation Week we can ensure that your time as an international student at the UGR will be an unforgettable and highly rewarding experience.


The Orientation Week includes guided visits to the “Carmen de los Mártires”, organised by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), a tour of the Science Museum (Parque de las Ciencias), an introduction to university sports competitions, a language exchange workshop, a cultural ghymkhana (ESN), and guided tours of the Albayzín quarter (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well the Cartuja, Fuentenueva and Central Campuses, to mention just a few of the exciting activities lined up. Click on the link below to view a more detailed programme (please note that the programme will be updated again soon).

All of the sessions are free of charge and many will be conducted simultaneously in English and Spanish.

IMPORTANT: We would like to remind all students that you must bring your ID or passport (the same document you used to fill in the online application) to the general information sessions on Monday 12th or Wednesday 14th September. If you now have a new ID or passport, please send a scanned copy of it to intlinfo@ugr.es so that we can update your data.

If you are unable to attend the UGR's Orientation Week for International Students, the first thing you need to do upon arrival is register at the International Office. In order to do so, you must bring the following documents:

  • Your ID or passport

If you did not fill in the online application, you must also submit:

  • A registration form (available at the International Office)
  • A letter of acceptance from you Faculty/School at the UGR (if you are an Erasmus student)

Once you have completed the registration process you will receive your International Student Credential so you can enroll on courses at the corresponding Faculty/School at the UGR.

About Orientation Week

The Orientation Week for International Students is one of the key activities organised as part of the University's internationalization strategy. The UGR continues to receive more incoming Erasmus students than any other European institution, a position it has maintained for over a decade. It also sends more students abroad on Erasmus exchange programmes than any other European University. By offering incoming students top-class services such as Orientation Week, it reinforces its reputation as a welcoming and cosmopolitan study destination.

The UGR is committed to offering international students a unique and enriching experience and to ensuring that they can complete their studies in an innovative, diverse, and multicultural environment.

For a more detailed guide to UGR services and important information, consult the following leaflet:

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