Opening of International Welcome Centre for doctoral candidates, researchers, and academic staff

Opening of International Welcome Centre for doctoral candidates, researchers, and academic staff

IWC meeting

The UGR opens International Welcome Centre (IWC) as part of ongoing internationalization strategy

The centre is one of a handful of its kind in Spain and in Europe, and caters directly to the needs of international doctoral candidates, postdocs, researchers, and teaching staff, before, during, and after their stay and studies at our institution. The centre has not only been established in order to centralize services previously offered by different departments, institutes and groups at the UGR, but also as a pioneering initiative with an array of new services at the disposal of internationally mobile researchers.

The opening of the centre heralds a new phase in the UGR’s long-standing commitment to becoming a benchmark institution in internationalization initiatives. The launch of the UGR’s new website in English in January 2015, designed with a view to centralizing the UGR's communication services in English, forms part of the very same initiative.

The IWC provides researchers with essential information and assistance services in a wide range of areas, such as; visa applications and residence permits, funding opportunities, accommodation, and schooling and education options for family members, as well as any other non-academic matters which arise prior to, during, and after mobility periods at the UGR.


Moreover, the centre is also a EURAXESS local access point. Launched in 2004 by the European Commission, EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion, is a unique, pan-European initiative providing those who wish to pursue research careers in Europe with access to a comprehensive range of support and information services. The network provides information on: career opportunities in Europe, mobility periods undertaken in other countries, the rights of researchers and the duties of employers, as well as intellectual property rights, to mention just a few areas.

Services at the IWC are provided in English, Spanish and French (and, if necessary, in a range of other languages via the Office for International Relations and Development Cooperation).

Contact information:

International Welcome Centre. Edificio “Florentino García Santos”, University of Granada, Calle Gran Vía, 48. Granada 18071.

Telephone: +34 958 249040

Fax: +34 958 243009



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