VIII Andalusian Audiovisual Exhibition: October - February 2016

VIII Andalusian Audiovisual Exhibition: October - February 2016

Audiovisual Exhibition

The VIII Andalusian Audiovisual Exhibition will take between 17 October 2016 and 27 February 2017 and includes fourteen sessions which will be screened every Monday at 18:00 in the Euro-Arab Foundation. In total, 28 productions will be screened.

The series, which is unique in Andalusia, encompasses a diverse selection of feature films, documentaries, animations, video art, and short films, representing some of best audiovisual productions in the Andalusian film industry. The exhibition aims to promote this increasingly important industry, a strategic sector which contributes significantly to technological advances and employment opportunities in the region and nationally.

Many of the works have achieved considerable national and international recognition, such as Los niños salvajes, 10.000 noches a ninguna parte, Rey gitano, Obra 67, Thomas Vive and La mitad de Óscar. The series will also showcase documentaries such as 13.Miguel Poveda, África 815 and Boliviana.

The exhibition is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the best contemporary audiovisual works created and/or shot in Andalusia and become acquainted with highly skilled filmmakers in the region. Their works not only possess great entertainment value - they are also deeply committed to exploring Andalusia’s culture, identity, and relationship with the world.

There is no entry fee for any of the screenings and the sessions are open to everyone, including members of the public and the UGR community.

All of the 28 works are registered in the Catalogue of Andalusian Audiovisual works (Andalusian ICT Audiovisual Production and Co-production Portal )

Organized by: Andalusian Audiovisual Foundation, Euro-Arab Foundation, Faculty of Communication and Documentation, Contemporary Culture Centre, Andalusian Film Archive, Asfaan, Granada Young Filmmakers Festival

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