Visiting Scholars Programme

Visiting Scholars Programme

Visiting Scholars Programme

The overarching objective of the UGR's Visiting Scholars Programme is to support and promote the research abilities of UGR research groups by carrying out exchanges, building up contacts, and networking with highly-qualified teachers and researchers from other universities and research centres who stand out in virtue of their excellent scientific output. The programme is run in collaboration with the European Regional Development Fund.

The overall aim is to draw up and develop a specific collaborative project aimed at conducting high-quality research in collaboration with scholars who are preeminent in their respective fields.

Terms and conditions

• The duration of the grant is two years, during which the collaborative project must be developed. The projects can include the following activities: stays abroad (for the researchers applying or their team members) or at the University of Granada (for the visiting scholars or their key team members), joint supervision of doctoral theses, production of research papers to be published in journals indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), conferences on Master's Degrees, etc.

• The grants will cover the costs of the stay and travel expenses related to the Principal Investigator's and primary team members' participation in the project

• A maximum amount of €20,000 in funding will be awarded for the development of the collaborative project activities

Application requirements

• The applications must identify highly-qualified researchers whose lines of research are benchmarks in their respective fields

• A collaborative research agreement, approved by consensus with the researcher and containing the activities to be undertaken during the collaborative project, must be prepared and submitted

How to apply

Applications must be submitted by Vice-Rectorates, Departments and Research Institutes (management), researchers in charge of specific groups, or the Principal Investigator (PI).

Applications must be submitted via the online tool available on the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Knowledge Transfer's webpage, along with the following scanned documents:

• An outline of the visiting scholar's or scientist's CV

• A copy of the visiting scholar's passport or NIE or DNI

• A written report explaining the specific collaborative project in detail, focusing especially on high-quality research. The report must describe both the work plan and the expected results of this collaborative project in detail.

The deadline for application submissions for the academic year 2016-2017 is the 30th September 2016. The application results will be published between June-October 2016. The next application period will open approximately in June 2017.

Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be employed in assessing each application:

• The visiting scholar's academic and research-related merits

• Viability of the activities to be undertaken and the relevance of the work plan

Obligations of the beneficiary

• To develop the proposed work plan over the project's two-year duration

• To submit a brief report on the research activities that have been undertaken during the project. This report must be submitted no later than one month after the project ends and will be published in the UGR Library's archives along with the supporting financial documents

• To mention the University of Granada in all research publications resulting from this programme