The Biotechnology Institute

The Biotechnology Institute


The Biotechnology Institute (El Instituto de Investigación de Biotecnología or CIBM)

The University of Granada’s Biotechnology Institute carries out cutting-edge research in the field of biotechnology. The centre is currently home to over 50 researchers, who make up the 13 specialised research groups found at the centre.

At the Institute, we take a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to research. Indeed, our researchers come from a broad range of academic disciplines, including; biochemistry, cytology, applied physics, physiology, genetics, immunology, chemical engineering, microbiology, parasitology, chemical physics, and organic chemistry. By pooling their knowledge, resources, and skills sets, research developed at our Institute is highly innovative, and remains at the forefront of the biotechnological field

Our mission is to incentivise, coordinate, and promote world-class research groups, enabling our staff and researchers to make key breakthroughs in the biotechnology discipline. We actively strive to disseminate the results of our research findings, mainly by ensuring their publication in international academic journals, and by creating new patents.

Perhaps our most important objective, however, is to contribute to socio-economic development and improving society’s wellbeing, both regionally, nationally, and internationally.

To find out more, and to learn more about our current activities, research groups, and upcoming events, please visit The Biotechnology Institute Homepage