Research Groups & Networks

Research Groups & Networks

UGR Research Groups

If you wish to obtain information about specific UGR research groups and researchers, you can do so via the following link to the UGR Investiga webpage. Via this link you can explore relevant information about specific research groups, such as:

  • The specific members involved
  • Research production and output (articles, books, chapters and supervised theses)
  • Current and past research projects (specific projects, signed contracts and agreements)
  • Activities
  • Research partners and collaborators involved

If you wish to join, collaborate with, or contact a UGR research group, you can also do so via the following link, where you can obtain the relevant contact details by clicking on the Responsable del Grupo (the research group director).

About the UGR's Research Networks

Active Partnerships

The University has some 1000 active partnerships with universities at international level, mostly for student and/or staff mobility, but emphasis is also placed on feedback from this kind of cooperation for further cooperation such as exchange of innovative teaching practice, dual or multiple degree programmes or joint research projects.

Academic Cooperation and Networks

As a strong believer in the added value of multilateral network cooperation, the University occupies a leading role in selected university networks in Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean. In particular it currently chairs the Coimbra Group, which constitutes a strong association of leading European research universities and offers ample opportunities for research and academic cooperation at all levels, as well as network to network partnerships with similar networks in Latin America (Asociación Universitaria Grupo Montevideo, AUGM) or Brazil (Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileiras, GCUB).

The Rector currently chairs the Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Posgrado (AUIP), ensuring strong partnerships with leading Latin American HEIs at postgraduate level. The University’s longstanding links with North Africa and Eastern Europe have lead to the establishment of strong partnerships with the Universities of Tetouan and Settat in Morocco, with Moscow State Linguistic University and the University of Udmurtia in Russia. Strategic capacity-building partnerships exist for development cooperation with the University of Lomé in Togo and the Universidad del Valle, Sololá, Guatemala.