Undergraduate Degree in Law

Undergraduate Degree in Law

Programme Law
Description Law is the system of rules that govern behaviour in a certain place, imposed usually by a government or authority. Since the birth of societies, there have been laws regulating aspects of the lives of their inhabitants. Some of these laws, such as Roman law, have been handed down to us and are the foundations on which much of our own law is based.

Our degree prepares students to meet the demands of becoming a professional lawyer, training them in all the nuances of law in Spain. Upon completion of the degree, our graduates are qualified professionals in the field of law, able to understand it, and grasp how it affects all aspects of society.

The University of Granada has a long-standing teaching tradition in the field of law. The prestigious Faculty of Law building is also one of the most emblematic in the historic centre of the city. The teaching staff are competent and experienced and the facilities are excellent, with a well-stocked and extensive library, ensuring that a wealth of resources are always at our students’ disposal.

This four-year Degree is comprised of four learning stages: basic, core and elective subjects and an internship programme. The subjects include contents in areas of knowledge such as civil law, Roman law, labour law, criminal law, history of law, human rights and commercial law.

Our graduates are qualified to work in a broad range of positions and fields. Many choose to undertake a masters in the subject, and then go on to become professional lawyers. Many also go on to become judges, tax revenue agents, bank employees, legal consultants, diplomats, legal experts in international organisations, to mention just a few positions. Additionally, the field of international law is an increasingly important area, in which qualified law graduates are highly sought-after.

Law is an essential discipline, without which our societies would cease to function. It is constantly evolving, and ensuring that this evolution is positive and just is an exceptionally difficult job, reserved for the most competent professionals in this field.
ECTS Credits 240
Duration 4 academic years (September/October to June each year approximately)
Start Date Autumn 2015
Language Spanish
Tuition Fees €757 (approximately, based on 2014-2015 figures)
Application Period June – September 2015 (approximately)
Offered by Vice-Rector’s Office for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
How to apply Please visit the Applications and Admissions Section
Programme homepage http://grados.ugr.es/derecho/