Short-term Courses

Short-term Courses

At the UGR we offer a wide variety of complementary academic and vocational training courses, ranging from postgraduate training, professional training, language training and academic writing, to arts, hobbies, crafts, and sports. These courses are aimed at both undergraduate, postgraduate students, staff, and in many instances even non-university students. Some have been designed with a view to enabling students to upgrade their academic skills and improve their mobility within international job markets. The Modern Languages Centre, for example, helps over 8,000 students a year to improve their foreign language skills. Meanwhile, other courses at the UGR are more focused on personal development.

The following are just a few of the different and varied types of short duration courses you can take at the University of Granada:

The International School for Postgraduate Studies

short_term_courses The International School for Postgraduate Studies offers practical training courses with a view to helping postgraduates develop their professional and academic skills. The school runs thesis writing courses, as well as teaching methodology courses. All of these courses are designed with the overarching objective of promoting the employability of postgraduate students and lecturers at the UGR.

The Mediterranean Centre

mediterraneo The Mediterranean Centre has a long and well-established background in offering short-term courses in a variety of disciplines and knowledge areas (Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Law and Humanities, Sports Sciences).

These courses are mainly taught in the picturesque coastal towns of Almuñecar and Motril, and in the North African city of Ceuta, as well as in Guadix, Huéscar, Montefrío, and the Sierra Nevada.

Language Courses (The Modern Languages Centre)

short_term_language_course The Modern Languages Centre is one of the leading institutions in Spain for language learning. Teaching staff are highly qualified, the administrative team is dedicated and effective, and the centre boasts a wide range of services, a wealth of learning resources and endless extracurricular activities. Here at the Centre we employ a thoroughly communicative approach, ensuring that students learn Spanish in real-life situations. The Centre offers general Spanish language courses for foreign students, academic Spanish courses, and foreign language courses in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Catalan, Romanian and Swedish.

The Confucius Institute, meanwhile, is committed to promoting the study of Chinese language and culture, and offers Chinese language classes at various levels, organizes conferences on current affairs in China, runs the Chinese Film Festival, and holds seminars and workshops on Chinese culture, history, literature and thought.

Vocational and Artistic Courses (La Casa de Porras)

casa_de_porras The majestic Casa de Porras, located in the scenic Albaicin quarter of the city, offers an impressive array of courses (a total of over 50 to choose from) in the following 5 areas: literature and the performing arts, crafts, graphic arts, lifestyle courses, and physical and mental well-being courses.

These courses are also a great way to make lifelong friends in a fun learning environment.

Sports Courses (UGR Sports Centre)

sports_courses The University Sports Centre offers a comprehensive range of sports and activities. These are open to both members of the university and members of the public. The range at our sports centre is extensive, ensuring that you can participate in sports and activities that you’re already passionate about, or take up something new and exciting. In particular, we offer sports and activities in six main categories: racket sports, body and mind, fitness, dance, mountain sports and water sports.