The Culture of Peace, Conflicts, Education and Human Rights

The Culture of Peace, Conflicts, Education and Human Rights

Masters Programme The Culture of Peace, Conflicts Education and Human Rights
Description The Masters in Cultures of Peace, Conflict, Education and Human Rights is an interdisciplinary masters offered jointly by four prestigious institutions: The University of Granada’s Peace Institute, the University of Córdoba’s UNESCO Department, the University of Malaga’s Department of Education and the University of Cadiz’s Department of Education.

The masters is designed to enable each student to make a positive contribution in the following fields: human rights, democratic principles, gender equality, political and ethical solidarity, environment protection, universal access to education, conflict resolution and promoting peace.

One key objective of the course is to enable students to understand and critically analyse the concept of ‘cultures of peace’ from diverse sociological, political, psychological, and educational perspectives. Emphasis is also placed on gender issues throughout the course.

Moreover, students learn how to identify the causes of conflicts throughout the globe, track their development, determine their consequences, and formulate proposals to resolve them.

Students are also taught how to develop and apply both quantitative and qualitative analyses to these fundamental issues, ensuring that they have the methodological tools to contribute effectively to the construction of peace in different contexts and settings.
ECTS Credits 60
Duration 1 academic year
Start Date Autumn (September/October to June each year, approximately)
Language Spanish
Application Period 26th February 2016 - 2nd October 2016
How to apply Please consult the Applying and Admissions section
Offered by The International School for Postgraduate Studies
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