Quantitative Techniques for Business Management

Quantitative Techniques for Business Management

Masters Programme Quantitative Techniques for Business Management
Description Our Masters in Quantitative Techniques for Business Management at the UGR is a highly innovative qualification which aims to provide students with excellent training in core areas within the field of Business Management, namely:

• Advanced practical and interdisciplinary skills
• Professional development and improving career prospects
• Methodology training and academic training in order to conduct specialised research (thereby enabling you to pursue doctoral studies in the field and other related areas)

Teaching staff on the course are highly experienced professionals in the discipline and many are internationally renowned business experts and consultants. The programme is also strengthened by direct ties with the business sector and by collaborative projects carried out together with companies from diverse sectors, especially those from the ICT industry. By completing internships in these companies and businesses, students gain invaluable practical experience.

The main objectives of the masters are to:
• Promote the development of skills in the ICT field that can be exploited for innovative management purposes.
• Enable students to deepen their knowledge of business management processes and improve their career prospects
• Provide students with the knowledge and support required in order to become leading researchers in the discipline

In order to achieve these objectives, students acquire both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to employ support software applications. They acquire new techniques and skills, making the most of these software applications to improve financial analysis, planning, and decision making skills in companies. Such skills are highly valuable in a world where online business is now the norm. As a student on our course, you will have the chance to study a wide range of course subjects, such as:

Management and Integration of Qualified Human Resources in Business Processes;
Innovation Management in Technology Sectors;
Project Management and Planning;
Collaborative Systems and Workflow Management;
Digital Design and Advertising;
Support Systems for E-Business;
Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions;
Data Warehousing.

(It is important to note that this is not a comprehensive list of course subjects and modules: please consult the programme homepage below for a comprehensive and fully up-dated list of course subjects and modules)

Career prospects for graduates who complete our programme are favourable for a number of important reasons. Given the course’s multidisciplinary nature, students have the opportunity to build up a versatile skill-set, which is highly prized by employers in the current labour market. The programme is also at the forefront of its field, meaning that students’ training is up-to-date, with emphasis placed on the ICT sector. Graduates go on to work in a wide variety of areas, such as business consulting, both in private and public institutions, in positions such as:
Specialists in Strategic Management of ICT;
Business Analysts;
Project Managers;
Specialists in Web-design companies;
Marketing Specialists (with a focus on ICT).
ECTS Credits 60
Duration 1 academic year
Start Date Autumn (September/October to June each year, approximately)
Language Spanish
Application Period 26th February 2016 - 2nd October 2016
How to apply Please consult the Applying and Admissions section
Offered by The International School for Postgraduate Studies
Programme homepage http://masteres.ugr.es/tcuantitativasempresas/