Physics: Radiation, Nanotechnology, Particles and Astrophysics

Physics: Radiation, Nanotechnology, Particles and Astrophysics

Masters Programme Physics: Radiation, Nanotechnology, Particles and Astrophysics
Our Masters in Physics: Radiation, Nanotechnology, Particles and Astrophysics is a multidisciplinary, pioneering qualification and encompasses three specialization areas from which to choose:

• Nanotechnology: Physics and Applications

• Particle Physics and Astrophysics

• Physics and Radiation Technologies

Five of the UGR’s Departments jointly run the Masters, meaning that our teaching staff are versatile and highly competent when it comes to carrying out innovative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects. The main aim of the programme is to provide graduates from the discipline of physics with the opportunity to enhance their theoretical and practical training in accordance with current labour market trends.

The approach is research-driven and equips the student with the tools needed to successfully undertake further doctoral studies in the area. Our teaching staff are highly experienced, are active in diverse research groups, publish regularly in both national and international journals, participate in international conferences, and supervise a vast range of doctoral theses.

Employment prospects are considerable for our graduates. They possess the training and skills to work in physical process modeling, radiation protection, space technology, electronics companies, aeronautics, and economics, to name just a few areas. Many choose to conduct further research or doctoral studies in their respective areas of specialization, with a view to pursuing a full-time research or teaching career at university level. Others choose to pursue a career in secondary level education or professional and vocational training.
ECTS Credits 60
Duration 1 academic year
Start Date Autumn (September/October to June each year, approximately)
Language Spanish
Application Period 26th February 2016 - 2nd October 2016
How to apply Please consult the Applying and Admissions section
Offered by The International School for Postgraduate Studies
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