Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language: Language, Culture and Methodology

Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language: Language, Culture and Methodology

Masters Programme Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language: Language, Culture and Methodology
Description Our Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language: Language, Culture and Methodology is a prestigious qualification which equips students with the knowledge and skills to teach Spanish effectively. Drawing on the areas of language studies, linguistics, culture and innovative methodology, it offers a multidisciplinary and pioneering approach to the science of language learning and teaching. It enables you to identify the linguistic, communicative and cultural needs of ELE learners, set objectives to deal with these needs and exploit teaching resources and materials to achieve these objectives most effectively.

The programme offers students the opportunity to study and critically analyse the most innovative and up-to-date methodology in the field of ELE teaching. Students also specialise in the design and creation of course materials and syllabuses, always taking into account the learners’ cultural, emotional and cognitive profiles, as well as their individual learning needs.

Additionally, students enrolled on this masters acquire the ability to monitor the learning progress of each student effectively, adapt and modify the syllabus in line with the student’s progress, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of different ELE courses.

Moreover, it provides you with the training necessary to carry out research projects in the ELE field, and equips you with the know-how to begin a career in the field of ELE teaching and / or teacher training, both at home and abroad, in primary and secondary schools, official State run language schools, university institutions, and in other privately run language centres. It qualifies you to work in management, as a director of studies or as a teacher trainer, as well as enabling you to create, publish and evaluate teaching materials in academic ELE journals.

Historically speaking, the UGR has been one of the main pioneers in the field of ELE teaching, given that it first began offering Spanish classes to foreigners in 1932. The success of these courses later gave rise to the creation of the leading language centre in Spain - the Modern Languages Centre (Centro de Lenguas Modernas or CLM) in Granada, where over 8000 students from across the globe take language and culture classes every year. Indeed, students on this masters programme take classes while simultaneously undertaking their internship at the Modern Languages Centre. This provides you with a highly privileged learning environment, excellent facilities, a wealth of learning resources, and unrivalled academic support.
ECTS Credits 60
Duration 1 academic year
Start Date Autumn (September/October to June each year, approximately)
Language Spanish
Application Period 26th February 2016 - 2nd October 2016
How to apply Please consult the Applying and Admissions section
Offered by The International School for Postgraduate Studies
Programme homepage http://masteres.ugr.es/masterele/