Business Process Management and Technology

Business Process Management and Technology

Masters Programme Business Process Management and Technology
Currently, companies are continuously confronted with rapidly changing and highly competitive businesses environments. In order to succeed, companies must be agile, flexible and innovative, managing their business processes in the most effective way possible. The emphasis on “processes” makes companies more efficient in decision-making strategies, which in turn helps them to become significantly more competitive.

The use of Information Communication Technology for innovation, management, planning, and implementation purposes allows companies to fully integrate and consolidate their operational procedures, as well as improving their problem-solving capacities, cost-cutting, productivity, and user-end services.

Our Masters in Business Process Management and Technology is a cutting-edge programme that enables students to become highly skilled professionals capable of integrating technological innovations in diverse companies, while identifying the added value and opportunities that this technology can create.

As a student on our course, you will be provided with a sound theoretical basis and you will gain a range of practical skills, equipping you with a versatile and broad skill set that is highly sought-after by employers in the field. The methodology used is rigorous and research-based, while the programme is thoroughly multidisciplinary in nature, enabling students to appreciate the overall panorama of current global business environments and how best to harness ICT in these environments.

The Masters is taught by highly experienced staff from the University of Granada’s Departments of Computer Languages and Systems; Computer Technology and Artificial Intelligence; and Commercialization and Market Research. Moreover, as a student on our course you will have the opportunity to complete an internship at one of the many companies with which we have internship programmes. We also collaborate directly with 8 prestigious universities – Delft University of Technology,University of California Santa Barbara, Loughborough University, as well as the the University of Seville, the University of Almeria, La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Pompeu Fabra Univerity, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

The Programme consists of 8 core modules:

- Fundamentals of Marketing
- Collaboration, Project Management, and Teamwork
- Web Information Systems
- Business Process Modelling and Analysis
- Deployment of Business Processes
- Technology-based Business Solutions
- Internship
- Dissertation

Employment prospects for our graduates are considerable for a number of key reasons. The programme is comprehensive and diverse enough to enable graduates to become independent, competent, self-employed professionals. Many go on to pursue careers as management strategy consultants; business process analysts; or business advisors; or in the fields of management; project management; web design, technology-based strategic marketing; enterprise resource planning (ERP); customer relationship management (CRM); and business intelligence (to mention just a few areas). Others go on to continue further doctoral studies in the discipline, with a view to pursuing a full-time teaching or research career in higher education.

ECTS Credits 60
Duration 1 academic year
Start Date Autumn (September/October to June each year, approximately)
Language Spanish and English
Application Period 26th February 2016 - 2nd October 2016
How to apply Please consult the Applying and Admissions section
Offered by The International School for Postgraduate Studies
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