Why choose CLM?

Why choose CLM?


When deciding where to learn Spanish, you often have to weigh up different pros and cons, like the location, or the teaching quality. But why compromise, when there is a place that offers you everything you could possibly wish for?

  • Granada - a warm and welcoming city - where foreign students can feel safe, at home and can make friends easily.
  • Granada – a city bursting with culture and history - topped by the breath-taking Alhambra palace and the stunning historic quarter known as the Albayzín, both of which take you back in time, and have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Granada – a lively and bustling university city - a staggering 80,000 students study at the UGR. Granada has a population of approximately 240,000 people, meaning that 1 in every 3 inhabitants is a university student. This means the city if full of energy and exciting activities.
  • Granada - a multicultural city - approximately “X” students at the UGR come from international backgrounds, giving rise to a cosmopolitan city which is full of life and diversity. Over 2,000 Erasmus students from Europe alone choose to study at the UGR every year, making it the number one Erasmus destination in Europe.
  • Granada – the home of CLM, an internationally renowned language centre - CLM is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, which provides the only internationally recognised accreditation system for Spanish language teaching. To find out more about why 8,000 international students choose to study Spanish at CLM every year, click here.

Expert and Professional Teaching Staff

In order to guarantee the highest quality in language teaching, we carefully select our teaching staff. Our teachers, many of whom teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the UGR, are world-class experts in the field of language teaching. Moreover, we provide them with excellent teaching resources, facilities and academic support to ensure they reach their full potential as educators. They regularly attend teacher training sessions to further their professional development and ensure their methodology and materials are the most up-to-date in the field of language teaching.

All teachers at CLM have a university degree, have completed comprehensive teacher training courses and have ample teaching experience. Many have also completed PhD programmes, carrying out extensive research in Spanish linguistics. INCLUDE LINK TO SPANISH TEACHERS PROFILES.

Quality Assurance and International Accreditation at CLM

On an annual basis, an external evaluation company assesses the quality of teaching being delivered at CLM, the contents of the different courses offered, and the quality of management and services at the centre. It also assesses the facilities and resources on offer at the school. INCLUDE LINK

Language programmes at the Centre are officially recognised by innumerable universities throughout the world, thanks to the many bilateral agreements maintained by the UGR with foreign universities. This ensures that students can obtain official recognition for courses studied at CLM in the form of study credits.

CLM is part of the Cervantes Institute Network, the worldwide Spanish language and culture organisation, which only accepts centres that meet the quality requirements established by the Cervantes Institute. The Cervantes Institute provides the only internationally recognised accreditation system which focuses specifically on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Thus, excellent teachings standards are guaranteed at CLM.