Culture & Events

Culture & Events

Culture, Sports, and Events at CLM

At CLM we offer an eclectic mix of cultural activities, trips and excursions, and sporting events. These activities are open to all members of the CLM community (students, staff and partner programmes) They are specifically designed to reinforce the student’s cultural and linguistic immersion, allowing them to put what has been learnt in the classroom into practice. To mention but a few activities, we organise flamenco concerts, theatre workshops, magic shows, poetry recitals, conferences, film screenings, and wine and olive oil tasting sessions - the list is endless.

Guided tours and visits around Granada

Expert guides take you to spectacular monuments, buildings and places of interest in different parts of the city, explaining the history, legends, traditions, customs and art that define Granada.

Excursions and trips

Tours of the most historically and culturally rich towns, cities, and attractions that Andalusia has to offer, ranging from visits to stunning and quaint villages in the province of Granada, such as the Alpujarras, to lively and larger towns and cities farther afield like Seville and Cordoba. To view the CLM Events Guide for this month and for coming months please click here.

Sports activities

CLM has a committed team of sports staff who organise competitions, activities and courses. They also provide comprehensive information about the University of Granada’s sports facilities.


CLM provides an accommodation service to help its students find the most comfortable and suitable place to stay while attending classes at our centre. The options range from flat-shares, apartments, students halls, and home-stays to hotels and guesthouses. Skip to accommodation services.