The Virtual Learning Centre (in Spanish: Centro de Enseñanza Virtual)

Teaching Support and Development

At the Virtual Learning Centre, which pertains to the Rector's ICT Delegation, we work continuously to support and improve teaching standards at the UGR. We achieve this aim by exploiting Information and Communication Technology, and by enabling teachers and lecturers to develop their online teaching skills, improve their teaching methodology, and promote the production and dissemination of their work online.

Virtual Learning

At the the Virtual Learning Centre we manage the University’s online learning programmes. We offer services such as free and open-access online courses, training in web-based learning tools, and teaching and research support. Individual students, researchers, lectures and other university institutions can all avail of these services.


Moreover, with the aim promoting our internationalisation, sharing useful experiences, and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, we are committed to the task of establishing and maintaining partnerships with a host of international institutions. We play a key role in renowned international networks such as the Coimbra Group (elearning Task Force), EFQUEL (European Foundation for Quality in eLearning), and the Orion Association.

Contact details

Entity The Virtual Learning Centre (CEVUG)
Address c\ Real de Cartuja, 36-38
Telephone (Monday to Friday only) (+34) 958 241 360
E-mail cevug@ugr.es
Fax (+34) 958 249 599
Webpage http://cevug.ugr.es/
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