About the Open Lifelong Learning Centre

About the Open Lifelong Learning Centre

The Open Learning Centre is open to all those aged 50 or over, this being the only requisite for admission onto a course.

The centre works to provide those aged 50 or over with the opportunity to further their education and develop new skills in an enjoyable learning environment. Learners identify their own personal goals, are given the necessary support from the centre to achieve them, work individually and in groups, and learn at a pace which suits their lifestyle. We work in three key areas; teaching, research, and the provision of services to society.

Upon completion of each course, students obtain the title ‘Graduate in Specific Learning Programme for Senior Students’

Students study over a 3 year period, choosing from a range of 27 different subjects and modules, divided into 650 hours of class time and activities.

Whether you are retired, still employed, unemployed or have never worked before, you are always welcome at the Open Lifelong Learning Centre.