The leading Spanish university in non-EU mobility exchanges

The leading Spanish university in non-EU mobility exchanges

The University of Granada will manage more non-EU mobility exchanges within the Erasmus+ programme for 2015-2016 than any other Spanish university, according to date released by the SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación), the national Erasmus+ body in Spain. These exchanges will be completed by students, teachers and staff and will be carried out in collaboration with 22 partner countries: Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, China, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Russia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Libya.

Of the 2510 mobility exchanges approved for funding by the European Commission, 533 have been allocated to the University of Granada, meaning that the University will handle 1 in every 5 mobility exchanges in Spain. Moreover, the UGR will carry out the mobility exchanges with more countries than any other Spanish university – a total of 22, with the Universitat Politècnica de València in second place (14 countries) and the University of Deusto in third place (13 countries).

The news comes as the UGR confirms its position once again, year after year, as the leading university in Europe in terms of international mobility exchanges, sending more students abroad, and receiving more international Erasmus students, than any other European university.

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Javier Hernández Andrés

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