"Russkiy Mir" Russian Centre

"Russkiy Mir" Russian Centre


The “Russkiy Mir” Russian Centre of the University of Granada promotes the study of Russian language, culture and history. The Centre offers an extensive range of language courses (A1-C1 levels) and regularly holds concerts, film screenings, conferences, book launches, and talks view a view to exploring current affairs, historical debates, and contemporary Russian culture.


The “Russkiy Mir” Russian Centre works to:

  • increase Russian language study in Spain;

spread knowledge on Russian history, traditions, culture and science;

  • stimulate and support collaboration between the University of Granada and higher education institutions in Russia;
  • promote studies of Russian culture and language in Spain;
  • maintain contacts of Russian people living in Granada with their language and culture

Academic Offer

The university's Russian Centre offers:

  • Russian language courses for all levels;
  • test for Russian as a foreign language (TORFL): preparation and exams;
  • readers conferences and literary discussions, thematic evenings oriented on various types of audiences, academic conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions, festivals and celebrations dedicated to Russian language and culture, exhibitions, musical evenings and so on;
  • consultation of books and other materiфls related to the Russian world;
  • information on available opportunities for cultural and scholar collaboration in Russia for the University of Granada community

To find out more, check the Centre's official site: