International Welcome Centre

International Welcome Centre

The International Welcome Centre (IWC) is among a handful of its kind in Spain and Europe, catering directly to the needs of international doctoral candidates, researchers, postdocs and visiting staff - before, during and after their mobility period at the University of Granada (UGR).


At the IWC, we provide you with essential information and targeted assistance in all non-academic matters that are important during your time at the UGR. We thereby enable you to make the most of your academic life and research, while at the same time facilitating your integration in Granada.

We offer a wide range of services, including information and assistance services regarding visa applications and residence permits, funding opportunities, childcare and schooling options for family members, and UGR facilities and services available to you.

Who can make use of the IWC's services?

  • International doctoral candidates
  • International researchers
  • International academic staff
  • International postdocs

Multilingual services

We provide services in English, Spanish, French (and if necessary, in a wide range of other languages via the University's International Office).

EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion

In addition, we are a Local Contact Point of the EURAXESS Service Network.

Launched in 2004 by the European Commission, EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion, is a unique, pan-European initiative providing those who wish to pursue research careers in Europe with access to a comprehensive range of support and information services. The IWC, as the EURAXESS Local Contact Point, also gives researchers the opportunity to further their personal development and professional careers, offering guidance on career opportunities, legal issues, tax and social security, as well as advice on healthcare and family support.

The EURAXESS portal provides comprehensive practical information related to living and working in the European countries participating in the network. At a regional level, each country has created a network of institutions that unite the national institutions with Local Contact Points (such as the IWC at the University of Granada). The regional institution that represents EURAXESS in Andalusia is the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (AAC), with headquarters in Seville.

To learn more about the International Welcome Centre (IWC) and our services please visit the International Welcome Centre (IWC) homepage