Services & Resources

Services & Resources

ServicesYou can consult the following information to view the extensive range of services and resources offered to UGR students.

General Information Office

The General Information Office handles the information requests from anyone interested in our university.
Call us with this telephone number: (+34) 958 243 137 or write to us at
Our address is:
Oficina de Información General de la Universidad de Granada Hospital Real
C/ Cuesta del Hospicio s/n – 18071 Granada
For more information, please visit the General Information Office webpage.

Student’s Helpline

Call the UGR Student Service for free with this telephone number: 900 101 772. This line offers free information for UGR students from any national operator, from 8 to 20.
Click here for more information.

Student Assistance Service

The Student Assistance Service (Servicio de Asistencia Estudiantil) helps to solve different problems that can affect students during their stay at the UGR. This service provides information and assistance on a number of issues, such as legal matters (your rights and obligations), social integration and disability.
Our office is located at C/ Severo Ochoa, s/n. Ed. Comedores Universitarios (in the same building as the university dining hall).
Call us: (+34) 958 246 105
To find out more about what this service can do for you, visit the Student Assistance Service webpage.

Student Assistance Service (Social Care Unit)

If you have any physical disability or learning difficulties, this service can guide you as regards the different programmes, rights and social resources you can access. Visit the Social Care Unit webpage for more information.

Refectories and Catering

The UGR has 4 main refectories and 13 cafés, all of which are subsidized by the University and are spread out across the city, serving you quality food and refreshments at very reasonable prices. The lunchtime daily special menu (el menú del día) includes a three course meal and drink for just €3.50. Additionally, we offer a take-away collection service so you can also dine in the comfort of your own home (with the option of pre-ordering your food via “Acceso Identificado”). We also provide dietary advice for cultivating healthy eating habits and a range of delicious recipes on our website.

Accommodation Service

This service will help you find lodgings in Granada: university residences, apartments, rooms, student halls, accommodation with elderly people or families, hostels, cheap hotels, etc.
To find out more, please visit:.

Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor)

The aim of our Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor) is to help international students with their cultural, academic and language integration at the UGR.
To find out more, please visit the Buddy Programme webpage.

Guidance and Counselling Service

At our Guidance and Counselling Service (Gabinete Psicopedagógico), you can seek advice and counselling of academic, vocational or psychological nature. You can also take part in workshops or apply for individual counselling. To find out more, please visit the Guidance and Counselling Service webpage.

Scholarship Service

In addition to the grants and scholarships from other national and international bodies, the UGR runs its own scholarship programme with a range of study grants. To find out more, please visit the Scholarship Service.

The UGR Cinema Club

The UGR Cinema Club (CineClub Universitario) gives you the opportunity to explore the past and present of the “Seventh Art” and to develop and improve your critical capacities in cinematography. The Club organizes a unique series of thematic film screenings every month of the academic year and runs cinematography courses and workshops. The activities organized by the UGR Cinema Club are open to both members of the University community and the public.

eduroam – Worldwide Education Roaming for Research & Education

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It is now employed by thousands of institutions in over 80 countries, including the University of Granada. It enables students, researchers and staff from participating universities to obtain high-speed and secure internet connectivity while on campus and when visiting other institutions. The service is free-of-charge for users.