Services & Resources

Services & Resources

UGR Services & Resources

At the UGR we strive to ensure that you have the services and resources you need to successfully complete you studies close at hand. Whether you are looking for academic, technical, employment, language or psychological support services, or you simply want to find out how to get involved in the UGR Sports Centre activities, clubs and societies, discover our diverse cultural events, or volunteer in a social outreach project, you can find extensive information about our services and resources below.

Information Services

General Information Office

imageThe General Information Office handles all general enquiries and information requests at the UGR. Our office deals with enquiries related to the following areas: University admissions, entry requirements, application procedures, course fees, grants and scholarships, academic calendars, enrolment, academic regulations, and the issuing of University degrees and diplomas.

Student Information Centre

Helpline linkIf you would like to make a general or specific enquiry about any of our student services, you can call into our Student Information Centre or, alternatively, call our Student Information Helpline free of charge from any national operator. Whether you need more information on grants, the documents you need to submit during registration period, or any of the UGR´s services, we can help you, regardless of whether your query is general or specific.

Free helpline: 900-900-134 (09:00-14:00 Mon- Fri)

Support Services

Student Support Services

image The Student Support Service (Servicio de Asistencia Estudiantil or SAE) works to provide students with fundamental support services and to assist them in the resolution of diverse issues which can affect them while undertaking their studies. We provide information such as legal advice (in university and non-university related matters), personalized guidance on financial support services, public transport discounts, subsidized accommodation, healthcare assistance requests for students from non-EU countries, national mobility programmes, services for the disabled and obtaining your student or staff ID.

Services for the disabled (Social Care Unit)

image If you have a physical or learning disability, our Social Care Unit can assist you in a diverse range of areas, such as the different support and financial assistance programmes made available to those with disabilities at the UGR. We can inform you about your rights, available social support resources, and grants for those with disabilities.

Guidance and Counselling Service

imageOur Guidance and Counselling Service (Gabinete Psicopedagógico), helps undergraduates, masters students, and doctoral candidates to understand, prevent and deal with some of the key difficulties encountered while adjusting to university life. The service aims to limit their impact on personal well-being and academic performance. Our mission is to ensure that your time at our University is both enjoyable and fruitful, providing services in three areas: 1) Personal counselling and advice – for those experiencing personal difficulties 2) Academic guidance – for those finding it difficult to keep up with their studies due to time constraints, time mismanagement, or a lack of study techniques 3) Professional guidance – for those finding it difficult to decide on a specific career path. We also offer training and orientation courses in all three areas.

From study-related problems, culture shock, public speaking anxiety, depression, insomnia, family issues, relationship problems, unwanted pregnancies, sexual orientation issues, to eating disorders, substance addictions, or cultural shock – whatever your problem, the Guidance and Counselling Service is here to help.

Buddy Programme

image The aim of our Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor) is to help international students with their cultural, academic and language integration at the UGR. The International Office will assign a UGR mentor from the Faculty of School where you will be studying and they will guide and support you before and during your time at our University. These Mentors will help you with administrative procedures, searching for accommodation, and will organize cultural activities such as visiting monuments and historical sites, guided tours, excursions, going to concerts, plays etc. (you can decide on these activities together with your mentor).

International Welcome Centre

IWC OfficeAre you an international doctoral candidate, researcher, postdoc, or visiting staff member? At our International Welcome Centre we provide wide-ranging and multilingual services before, during, and after your mobility period at the UGR. From assistance with visa applications and residence permits, to funding opportunities and childcare options, our services are extensive.

Campus Services

The UGR Library

image With 21 individual libraries throughout the city, the UGR ensures that a comfortable work environment is always close to you. The Library´s services are extensive, encompassing training courses and workshops, a reading club (Club de Lectura “Leyend@”), loans of laptops and e-Readers, Android and iOS support apps, Bookcrossings, regular competitions, access to prestigious international journals, vast databases, exhibitions, bibliographical and research tools, 24 hr study rooms, and personalized services for those with disabilities.

Refectories and Catering

imageThe UGR has 4 main refectories and 13 cafés, all of which are subsidized by the University and are spread out across the city, serving you quality food and refreshments at very reasonable prices. The lunchtime daily special menu (el menú del día) includes a three course meal and drink for just €3.50. Additionally, we offer a take-away collection service so you can also dine in the comfort of your own home (with the option of pre-ordering your food via “Acceso Identificado”). We also provide dietary advice for cultivating healthy eating habits and a range of delicious recipes on our website.



image We feel it is essential for students to be able to turn their visions and project ideas into a reality, whether they are academic or cultural in nature, or based on principles of international solidarity. We therefore encourage everyone at the UGR to join or set up a society. At the Student Societies Office we can provide you with the management advice and financial support you need to turn your ideas into a reality.

Accommodation Service

AccommodationThis service will help you find lodgings in Granada: university residences, apartments, rooms, student halls, accommodation with elderly people or families, hostels, cheap hotels, etc.
To find out more, please visit:

Campus Maps

Comprehensive map indicating location of Faculties, Service & Facilities, Information Offices, Canteens & Coffee Shops, Research Institutes, as well as local police stations, hospitals, tourist attractions, and other important services.

Scholarship Service

In addition to the grants and scholarships from other national and international bodies, the UGR runs its own scholarship programme with a range of study grants. To find out more, please visit:

Recreational and Sports Services

Sports and Hobbies

image Participating in activities at the University Sports Centre (CAD) is a great way to relieve stress, meet new people, and take up new and exciting hobbies, all in a safe, welcoming, and stimulating environment. We offer sports and activities in six main areas: racket sports, body and mind, fitness, dance, mountain sports and water sports. So from tennis, Kung Fu, yoga, ethnic dance, trekking, snowboarding, and mountaineering, to fencing, kayaking, and scuba-diving (to mention just a few) there’s something for everyone at the CAD Sports Centre.

The UGR Cinema Club

imageThe UGR Cinema Club (CineClub Universitario) gives you the opportunity to explore the past and present of the “Seventh Art” and to develop and improve your critical capacities in cinematography. The Club organizes a unique series of thematic film screenings every month of the academic year and runs cinematography courses and workshops. The activities organized by the UGR Cinema Club are open to both members of the University community and the public.

La Casa de Porras: Artistic & Recreational Courses

image As a UGR student, you will have access to a huge range of cultural and leisure activities at the 'Casa de Porras' Centre (also known as ‘la Casa del Estudiante’). The Centre runs over 50 short courses in six categories: literature and the performing arts, graphic arts, crafts, physical and mental well-being, and lifestyles.

Employment & Entrepreneurship Services

Employment & Career Support

Careers support link

Our Employment Centre (CPEP: Centro de Promoción de Empleo y Prácticas) offers professional information and orientation aimed at helping you join the job market. Furthermore, the centre handles and advertisements for job offers and work placements.

The UGR Centre for Entrepreneurship

Centre for Entrepreneurship The overall goal of the Centre is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation at the UGR, with a view to making significant socio-economic contributions to our community and to society. It runs programmes and courses in areas such as design thinking, market analysis, social entrepreneurship, career support, startup management and the acquisition of entrepreneurship skills. Moreover, the Centre runs competitions and provides funding opportunities for startups and individuals with innovative projects, thereby helping them turn their ideas into a reality.

Language Support Services

Modern Languages Centre

CLMThe Modern Languages Centre (CLM: Centro de Lenguas Modernas) is one of the leading institutions in Spain for language learning. The centre offers general Spanish language courses for foreign students, academic Spanish courses and a wide range of foreign language courses.

The Russkiy Mir Russian Centre

Russian Centre The Russkiy Mir Russian Centre offers Russian language courses all the way from elementary to advanced levels. It also organizes an array of different activities throughout the year, such as exhibitions, international seminars, and conferences, with a view to fostering greater awareness of Russian language and culture.

Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies

Euro-Arab Foundation The Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies is a highly specialized institution that strives to serve as a space for dialogue and cooperation between EU countries and Arab League Countries through research, academic, social and cultural activities. It offers postgraduate courses in areas such as; governance, peace and conflict, the status of Islam, diplomacy and Euro-Arab relations, and culture and heritage. It also runs Arabic language courses in four different levels (beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced). Additionally, the Foundation organizes an extensive array of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, film series, and concerts throughout the year.

Digital, WiFi & App Services


UGR Apps The University of Granada continues to rank among the leading institutions in Spain in the field of open-source application development. The apps cover areas such as information on admission and enrollment procedures at the UGR, walking and cycling routes in Granada, learning platforms, restaurants, library services, a meet-up app to help you get to know other students and the Alhambra Quest app ( to learn about the history of the Alhambra via short stories and legends). Discover the UGR´s full range of Apps here:

Internet access & online services

WiFiThe University of Granada has free Wi-Fi access throughout all its campuses, faculties and premises. The E-Administration system allows you to carry out different administrative processes online from any computer, including acces to teaching and learning platforms, pay-checks, grades, reports, applications, research tools, registering official documents, reservation of sports facilities etc.

eduroam – Worldwide Education Roaming for Research & Education

eduroam UGR eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It is now employed by thousands of institutions in over 80 countries, including the University of Granada. It enables students, researchers and staff from participating universities to obtain high-speed and secure internet connectivity while on campus and when visiting other institutions. The service is free-of-charge for users.

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