Services & Facilities

Services & Facilities

CLM services

Language Exchange Service

The Language Exchange Service is free of charge for CLM students. It is designed to facilitate contact between our students, giving them the opportunity to practice their language skills whilst enriching their understanding of each other's cultures. Students from over 50 different countries enroll on language courses at CLM every year.

The CLM Library

The library is part of the UGR library network, meaning that CLM students can enjoy direct access to the same outstanding services and catalogues as other UGR students. Containing 8,900 volumes, the CLM library has been specially stocked with teaching and learning materials that are adapted to the needs of all students and the courses they are studying.

The Spanish as a Foreign Language section is one of the most extensive in existence. Among the various subjects in this collection, the sections on Spanish art, history, geography and culture are noteworthy. Additionally, the video library contains a vast range of Spanish language films and documentaries. The centre also boasts multimedia rooms with over 40 computers, language learning programmes and printers.


CLM has its own Accommodation Service, which is open to all students enrolled at the Centre. Students can choose the type of accommodation which best suits them from a wide range of options (hotels and hostels, living with a local family, student residences, apartments, flat-shares etc.)


Students have free WiFi access in CLM and University of Granada buildings.

Available networks:

  • cviugr (Unsecured network, no encrypted communication, and no additional software installation required)
  • eduroam (Secured network with encrypted communication, the use of which requires additional software installation)

If you already use the EDUROAM WiFi network at your home university or college (in any country), then you can use it directly at the Modern Languages Centre and in UGR buildings without having to configure or install any additional programmes.

Medical insurance

Students from the European Union are advised to bring their E111 or E128 European Health Insurance Card in order to use the public health system in Spain. Students from outside the European Union can request medical insurance via CLM.

University refectories & coffee shops

As a student at CLM, you have access to the University of Granada's refectories and coffee shops. The UGR has 4 main refectories and 13 cafés, all of which are subsidised by the University and are spread out across the city, serving you quality food and refreshments at very reasonable prices. The lunchtime daily special menu (el menú del día) includes a three course meal and drink for just €3.50. Additionally, a take-away collection service is also available so you can dine in the comfort of your own home.

CLM student card

As well as allowing you to gain access to the UGR's refectories and cafés, the CLM student card gives you access to the University Sports Centre obtain discounts in shops, on concert tickets, and sporting events.

To view extensive information about the services and facilities available to CLM students, please visit the following webpage: