Academic Support

Academic Support


At the The International School for Postgraduate Studies we offer quality academic support and an excellent range of services. We offer practical training courses with a view to helping you develop your professional and academic skills, such as:

• Searching for and managing scientific information effectively

• Research projects: Evaluation, criteria and guidelines

• Workshops on preparing, writing and developing scientific articles effectively

All of these courses are designed with the over-arching objective of promoting the employability of postgraduates and lecturers at the UGR.

We have also carefully prepared this Guide to Living and Studying in Granada to help you with all the practicalities of living and studying in Granada, offering tips on everything from finding accommodation, to making the most of your budget, and opportunities regarding your social life here in the city.

The Vice-Rector’s Office for Scientific Research and Policy-Making also provides researchers, teachers and doctoral students with foreign language support services. Specifically, it provides the following three services:

• Language support training for effective oral presentations at international conferences and seminars

• English language support programme for writing international research project proposals

• Language support programme to edit and publish outstanding work in a foreign language