Staff Awards

Staff Awards

UGR lecturer José Luis Cabezas Casado receives the "Premio Escucha 2016"

Premio Escucha 2016

The UGR lecturer in psychology Jose Luis Cabezas Casado was recently awarded the “Premio Escucha 2016” by the international NGO Emergency Telephone, in light of his remarkable contributions to society. The NGO strives to promote the fundamental importance of active listening in human relations and has held this annual awards ceremony since 2010.

Professor Juan Calvo Yagüe wins Best Young Researcher Award 2016


    18 July 2016

Yagüe, from the UGR’s Department of Applied Mathematics, has received the Best Young Researcher Award 2016 from the Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics (SEMA). The award, which has been presented on an annual basis since 1998, is aimed at promoting outstanding, original work in all branches of mathematics that contain an applied component. Yagüe’s research is focused primarily on the analysis of parabolic partial differential equations. His work on the kinetic theory of gases applied to dark matter in galaxies and, more recently, his contribution to the development of computational tools used to implement and calibrate multi-scale models capable of describing the proliferation of certain types of cancerous tumours, are considered significant scientific breakthroughs.

Prof. Juana María Gil receives Mariana Pineda award

Juana María Gil

   30 May 2016

Professor Juana María Gíl has received the Mariana Pineda award for promoting gender equality. Prof. Gil was granted the award in virtue of her exceptional commitment to furthering gender equality and fighting misogynist violence. The awards ceremony was celebrated on 20th May 2016, commemorating 185 years since Mariana Pineda – the Spanish liberalist heroine from Granada – was publicly executed in 1831.

Antonio Malpica, Professor of Medieval History at the UGR, wins prestigious 'Prix Duseigner'

Antonio Malpica
   04 May 2016

Professor Antonio Malpica has been awarded the Prix Duseigner from the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres in France. Malpica, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Granada, received the award for a collection of works, especially his book Las últimas tierras de al-Andalus. Paisaje y poblamiento del reino nazarí de Granada. (2014)

Pilar Aranda, Rector of the UGR, receives prestigious Meridian Award 2016 in recognition of her promotion of gender equality

Pilar Aranda

Pilar Aranda, the Rector of the University of Granada, has received the coveted Meridian Award 2016 from the Regional Ministry of Equality and Social Policies and the Andalusian Women’s Institute (Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer). Aranda, the first female rector of the University of Granada in its 500-year history, received the award in virtue of her outstanding contributions to the science and university affairs.

UGR researcher Javier Hernández Andrés to compete in the semi-final of FameLab, the biggest international scientific talks competition

     16 February 2016 

The competition aims to nurture and promote the communication of science by identifying and introducing new talents and by means of an innovative format: short scientific talks. Contestants have just 3 ½ minutes to explain, in the most engaging and entertaining way possible, a topic from the disciplines of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, psychology or engineering. The semi-finals will take place on the 18th March 2016.

The Social Council Awards 2015

    11 January 2016

The annual Social Council Awards, launched in 2002, are presented each year in recognition of outstanding initiatives and activities at the UGR. Moreover, the awards acknowledge initiatives which bring the University and society closer together, and R&D activities with a potential to forge long-lasting ties between the UGR and its socio-economic environment.

I. Young Researchers:

Miguel Ángel Arrabal Polo

Encarnación Ruiz Agudo

II. Departments, Institutes, and Research Groups:

Research Group CTS-963 Advanced Therapies: Differentiation, Regeneration and Cancer

Research Group CTS-160 Research and Development of Medicine

III. On-line Training Initiatives:

MOOC “The Alhambra” organized by the CEVUG (the UGR’s Virtual Learning Centre), CEI- BioTic and the Official Alhambra School

IV. Companies and Institutions employing UGR research or activities

DestiNA Genomics Ltd

V. Companies, Institutions and Organizations in light of their socio-economic contributions

The Health Science Technology Park (Parque de las Ciencias de Granada)


The University of Granada has won 3 of the 6 ‘Andalusia Research Awards 2015’ (Premios Andalucía de Investigación)

      27 Nov 2015

The UGR researchers Rafael López Guzmán; Professor of History of Art, Francisco Herrera Trigueros; Professor of Computer Technology and Artificial Intelligence, and Francisco B. Ortega Porcel; Professor of Physical and Sports Education, have received the awards from the Regional Government of Andalusia in light their exceptional contributions to their fields.

UGR professor Óscar Cordón receives the National Computer Science Award

      15 Oct 2015

Óscar Cordón, from the UGR´s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Department, has won the prestigious National Computer Science Award in virtue of his outstanding contributions to the fields of soft computing and “fuzzy” systems.

Professor Rafael López Guzmán receives coveted award from the Federal Government of México

Rafael López Guzmán, Professor of History of Art at the UGR, has been acknowledged by the Federal Government of Mexico for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of Mexican art and culture.

UGR educational innovation project receives award from The Andalusian Association of Graduates in Physical Education

      09 October 2015

The project uses concepts from video games to solve real-life problems and was carried out as part of the module 'Physical Activity and Health' on the undergraduate degree 'Physical Activity and Sports Science.'

Dr. Antonio Castillo Martín receives “Blue Orchid” award from the Spanish Environment Club

      16 July 2015

Dr. Antonio Castillo Martín, from the UGR´s Water Institute, has received the prestigious “blue orchid” award from the Spanish Environment Club (El Club Español del Medio Ambiente) for the best blog of 2014 in the area of environmental dissemination. The blog, entitled “Paisajesdelagua”, encompasses photography, articles, stories, and reflections on water. The award was allocated in light of the blog´s originality, depth, diversity and educational value.

The UGR's Excellence in Teaching Awards 2014

24th October 2014

(Category: those with over 25 years of teaching experience):

Blas Gil Extremera, Health Sciences. Professor at the Department javascript:editores[0].interactivo()of Medicine

Mª del Carmen Carrión Pérez, Sciences. Professor at the Applied Physics Department

Alicia Benarroch Benarroch, Social Sciences and Law. Lecturer at the Department of Experimental Science Didactics

(Category: those with less than 25 years of teaching experience)

Miguel Pasadas Fernández, Engineering and Architecture. Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics

Miguel Ángel Montero Alonso, Social Sciences and Law. Lecturer at the Department of Statistics and Operative Research

Mª del Carmen López López, Social Sciences and Law. Lecturer at the Department of Didactics and School Management

Pedro García Fernández, Engineering and Architecture. Lecturer at the Department of Electronics and IT

Miguel J. Hornos Barranco, Engineering and Architecture, Lecturer at the Department of Software Engineering

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